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Tarot Reading

I offer a variety of tarot and oracle card readings. Click below to see more info.

Astrology Reading

I offer a variety of astrology readings. Click below to find which one will fit the best for you.

Spiritual Life Coach Session

Click below to book a session and gain yourself a spiritual mentor & life coach. 


About Me

Growing up no one around me was into spirituality or the occult. After a rough patch in corporate America, I knew there was more out there for me than that. I kept seeing everywhere, we are all born with spiritual gifts and connections to the spirit world, but if they are not nurtured at a young age they can be shut off and can  turn into fear. I taught myself how to turn them back on and remove the fear surrounding the connection and I want to teach you too.

One of my greatest gifts is my ability to connect to others intuitively and feel their emotions and blocks within my own body. Clearing out these traumas and blocks are what allow us to reconnect. 

I also offer advice and readings for those who would like to just leave it to the professionals. See the Readings & Guidance tab for links to book a reading from me!

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Located in Portland Oregon

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